April 29, 2011

Eve's Daughters

Mother's Day comes soon. One baby in heaven and still walking the road of infertility, I used to ask the question, "Am I a mother?"

I don't ask it anymore.

I have the answer.

A few years ago a coworker came running up to my desk with a smile on her face and excitement in her voice. "A greeting card you wrote has been nominated for an award!"

I asked what kind of card it was. Baby Congratulations.

As she walked away, I leaned back in my chair and pondered the irony. Then it seemed God's voice whispered right in the middle of my wondering…

I've said "yes" to every prayer for you to be a mother. It's just not in the way you imagined.
I knew then that God was bringing new life through my words.

I thought of Eve, described as the mother of all living. 

I've come to believe all women are mothers because we all bring life to the world. Most often through the birth of physical children from our bodies.

But in other ways too…when we write, cook, plant, make beauty where there was none, speak an encouraging word, say a prayer, take a hand and form hope out of thin air, resurrect a marriage, save a life from poverty, bring forth light and truth and goodness in ways women are uniquely created to do.

We are mothers in more ways than one.

Because we are all Eve's daughters.

This is what I'll celebrate next Sunday: Yes, your physical children. But I won't stop there. I'll also celebrate the rest of you too…the mysterious weaving that makes you like no one else, the wonder and beauty that comes in and through you as you create with God, bring new life, in ways only you can.

I'm smiling as I type these words…smiling at the thought of you.

The miracle of you.

The miracle of motherhood.

To me, they are the same.

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