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Your creativity is a beautiful thing! Thank you for longing to share that here on Held.

Please take a moment to read the following before submitting your proposal.

Writing Guidelines

Before sending Held your submission, please be sure to read through several posts to get a feel for the content and heart of this blog. While writing styles may be unique and varied, content must remain true to the core values of this blog, and the ministry it belongs to.

We are looking for content that, while real, raw, and honest, is uplifting to our readers and brings glory to God. We reserve the right to edit as needed to better suit blog content and focus.

We prefer to receive content that is original and unpublished. However, if you have something to share that has previously been published, please be sure to indicate the original date and publication of the article.

Correct spelling and strong grammar are important to successful submission. Please limit posts length to less than 600 words.

On the day of the scheduled post, we hope you'll be able to be active on the page, responding to readers as they comment. If you are unable to commit to this aspect of being a Held contributor, please express this at the time of your submission.

Please include your full name, email and a brief bio (no more than 50 words) to be included with your post.

Email your completed submission to:

Please be patient while waiting for a response from us on your submission.We are excited to read what you want to share with us!