September 19, 2011

He Would

He would probably gloat when we found out she was a girl.
He would laugh and poke my belly when she kicked him for the first time.
He would be drive entirely too fast to the hospital when it was time.
He would be brave during labor and braver during delivery.
He would hold her for the first time like she was the most breakable thing on the planet.
He would love her fiercely.

He would pretend to be grossed out the first time she peed on him.
He would get up in the middle of the night just to see if she was ok.
He would brag the day she could hold her head up on her own.
He would be nervous and excited the first time she crawled...then walked...then ran.
He would beam from ear to ear the first time she said "daddy."
He would love her unconditionally.

He would pick her up and hold her tight every single time she cried.
He would get defensive if someone else so much as looked at her cross-eyed.
He would kiss her boo-boos.
He would tuck her in at night and read stories.
He would pray over her and with her and for her and about her.
He would love her tenderly.

He would worry about her.
He would make sure she knew he would always be there.
He would take all of her pain and fears away if he could.
He would play with her for hours on end.
He would teach her guitar one day.
He would love her uncontrollably.

He would be a good dad...
And one day, God willing, he will get the chance.

Heather is a devoted wife and math teacher, but her greatest love? Jesus Christ! She is passionate about international missions, scrumptious dark chocolate, and making people snort water out their noses. She and her husband are on the bumpy & exciting road of foster-to-adopt while still riding that infertility/loss rollercoaster.

Author Website: Reach In, Reach Out, Reach Up